Images of Devastation


For information on storm related assistance, click here.

I know many of our faith partners are struggling with local disaster needs. However, please take a look at the attached list of items needed by people in Bertie County and let me know if you can assist in some way.

Click here to read an update from the General Baptist Convention Board of North Carolina as of April 18, 2011.


Many of you have asked for information regarding the needs of those suffering from Saturday's series of tornadoes. Thank you for your concern and most of all for your prayers. For those that have lost everything, everything is needed. Please see the attached report from Baptist Headquarters regarding the tornadoes that hit North Carolina.

I just spoke with Rev. Vonner Horton, pastor of Oxley Hill MIssionary Baptist Church in Bertie County. She said they are trying to figure out how to bury those Oxley Hill Missionary BCthat have died from the storm. Eleven persons have been confirmed dead in Bertie County. Many did not have life insurance or property insurance. Others in area hospitals are witihout a place to live when they are released. One woman's mother died in her arms under their house. Monday we were informed that woman who lost her Oxley Hill Missionary BCmother is now on life support!. They are still searching for other victims. Bodies have been found in the woods in their rural community. Houses are missing. Gift cards, cash donations and personal and household items are needed.

We have many other families that have been displaced in twenty counties across North Carolina. Clergy from some of those counties have begun to contact our office. Faith Partnerships has a Disaster Fund that can be Oxley Hill Missionary BCused to assist those impacted by the tornadoes. Please feel free to send funds designated for Disaster Assistance to the attention of Faith Partnerships Disaster Fund, 3716 National Drive, Suite 213 Raleigh, NC 27612. You may also designate which areas (counties) you wish to assist. However, for Bertie County, please feel free to send donations directly to the Attention of Rev. Vonner Horton at either of the following addresses:

Oxley Hill Missionary Baptist Church
PO Box 1094
Edenton, NC 27

Oxley Hill Missionary Baptist Church
110 Jeff White Road
Merry Hill NC 27957

I can be reached at 919-539-5077 (cell) or 919-834-8335 office with after hours answsering service. We have disaster assistance information on our web site, or email me at

We ask your prayers for the many families that have lost family members and those that are struggling to put their lives back together.

Diana Jones Wilson