Feb. 20th – 23rd Volunteer Trainings!

March 31st is the last day to enroll in coverage, and it’s coming up fast. So many people can get health coverage, but still so many still have no idea that this is an option for them. March 1st will kick off 31 days of a flurry of outreach. Be part of the historic opportunity to get communities covered.


Enroll America and the Get Covered America Campaign is conducting a series of volunteer trainings in TX, AZ, GA, TN, FL, NC, IL, OH, PA, MI, NJ Feb. 20th – 23rd If you would like to attend the training or send a group of volunteers, please click on this link to register and a local organizer will follow up with you to schedule you for a training near you!

Join these trainings and you will develop your skills in outreach, learn how to talk to consumers about their options, and help make history by changing the lives of the uninsured.  February 22nd is Get Covered Training Day.


Click on the link next to the event nearest you to RSVP: http://gtcvrd.am/1c72Neg



A group of Argentinian woman as a protest against oppression, domestic violence, and blatant sexism of the men in their country started “Thursday’s in Black”. We support the group’s belief that no one should have to go through any type of rape or violence.



Communities of Aging Spiritual Agents for Change: Maximizing the Moment and Forging the Chnage in Missions.

Celebrating Faith Partnerships Tenth Anniversary

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