To promote research and education; to encourage collaborative efforts among faith partners, grantmakers, and government for the purpose of addressing issues of poverty in North Carolina’s communities and elsewhere..


“Churches have been at the heart of charitables efforts in local communities across the United States for centuries. They have collected and dispensed funds for everything from helping the poor pay electric bills, to feeding the hungry, to providing job training, to building community centers. They have been models of local, community-based philanthropy. We hope to build a network of sisters and brothers that will become a catalyst for new levels of giving as they rise to new opportunities for leadership.”

Faith Partnerships, Inc. promotes research and education to encourage collaborative efforts among faith partners, grant makers and government for the purpose of addressing issues of poverty in our communities and elsewhere.

President's message

Each March when we gather in Raleigh for our Annual Conference, we focus on our calling to serve others and what we can be doing in the year ahead to help those in need. This gathering also gives us the opportunity to look back on the past year. I am fulfilled with thankfulness and humbled by the blessings that have been bestowed on Faith Partnerships this last year. As you will see as you review this website, Faith Partnerships has come a long way in the past year. We have much to be thankful for, especially to those organizations, foundations and corporations that have supported Faith Partnerships financially. Most importantly, I am thankful for the many faith-based groups and congregations that have joined with us to seek the best ways to meet the needs of families in our communities.

The Annual Conference gives all of us in the faith community a chance to come together to assess the conditions of our local communities. As we look about the state and the nation, we know there is great concern about the possibility of international conflict. Closer to home, we each know people who are worried about the economy, wondering whether they will be able to keep their job, or find one, or simply improve their financial status to make ends meet. For many these are indeed troubling times.

We know the needs in our communities are growing. As we remind the faith community of its calling to respond to such needs, Faith Partnerships stands ready to help faith-based organizations with the technical assistance and expert advice they need to go out into their communities and provide the best possible services.

The successes of the past year – and the faithfulness demonstrated year after year by our partners and supporters – enable us to look forward to the next year knowing that we can all make a difference in our communities. As you consider the information in this website, I encourage you to reflect on all that has already been done, all that needs to be done, and all that is possible for those willing to put their faith into action.


Diana Jones Wilson